Leap Day

Look, I have a job and a life.

But that’s no excuse. I have needed to do this for a while. And this was one of those rare occasions when I let the meme-of-the-moment get a tendril in my brain. The meme in question was Leap Day – February 29th, 2012. I swear, I couldn’t remember anything significant about the last Leap Day (2008). And then there was this strange trickle of commentary about this being “an extra day” and “do something special today”, and I guess it struck a chord.

So here it is. A new blog. I haven’t blogged in years. And I really want to be not just a consumer of the web, but a creator: a contributor. Yes, I build web sites, but not enough. I read Twitter, but I don’t post much. I click the “like” button on Facebook, but don’t often comment. I will never be an extrovert – unless I can control the environment.

It seems like a site redesign and a new blog is a great way to get started on that goal.